• A manor house on the island of Funen...

The Estate

Sanderumgaard on the island of Funen is a manor house located 12 km southeast of Odense, between the villages of Fraugde and Davinde.

Sanderumgaard is operating within traditional agriculture and forestry with a total area of 900 hectares. Besides this a lot of potatoes are produced. Parts of this - the chips are exported.

The estate is located within both Odense and Kerteminde municipalities.

The history of Sanderumgaard can be traced back to the 1400s, where Odense Fjord went all the way to this area.

Therefore a large part of the estate's area is the old fjord - or drainage of the fjord. This soil is very good farmland for potatoes.

Throughout the years, the property has been in the possession of changing owners, but in 1828 the present family Vind bought the place.

Sopfus Vind, Erik Vinds grandfather, built the current main building, the wings and the farm constructionin the period 1870-80, the architect was  H.J. Holm.