Close to the main building of Sanderumgaard is the old romantic landscape garden. It is one of the first of its kind in Denmark, originally established by Johan Bülow in the period 1793-1828. The area is 15 hectares. Of the original design, the cottages Tankefuld and Sommerlyst still exist . The area is bounded by a larger canal system of approx. 2 km., Which connects islands, lawns and parks.

The year before Johan von Bülow in 1793 had to leave his post as Master of the court of crown prince Frederik, he had bought the estate Sanderumgaard at Odense. From the beginning he started to work with great enthusiasm,and not least he was taken by the garden. In a 40-hectare area including parts with marsh he built what eventually became one of the most beautiful romantic gardens in Denmark.

Based on extensive knowledge of large gardens in Europe, Bülow began his work at  Sanderumgaard. From his preserved library, which today is at Sorø Academy and from the archive at Sanderumgaard, it appears that the knowledge of contemporary literary and theoretical works was extensive. From the outset, his ideas about a romantic plant were ambitious. Bülow's project was of such a character and also developed so slowly that when he died in 1828 the garden was not yet finished.

Prior to the acquisition of Sanderumgaard, Johan Bülow had been a counselor for Crown Prince Frederik regarding Frederiksberg Garden and in connection with the plant, which was carried out by Slotsgartner Johan Ludvig Mansa in 1790, around Marielyst Castle at Helsingør. The plant at Sanderumgaard with ellemose lakes, lakes, forests and impassable craters was, however, quite different from the royal frogs. Bülow had to get rid of it from the beginning to get the whole area drained. Then the landscape was planned and ducts dug to lead all the water through the plant. When all the extensive work on the planning of the garden had been completed, and paths and prospects were taken, Bülow went on planting.