The garden

It has been a longstanding dream for Sanderumgaard's current owners, Susanne and Erik Vind, to partially restore the almost 200 years old and 15 ha. large historic manor garden, and open it to the public.

With the help of funds and close cooperation with landscape architect Charlotte Skibsted, work was intensified in the period 2004-2010 and the garden was opened in 2010. Susanne and Erik Vind call it a life project and when asked when the garden is done, they can only answer that "it will never be!".

Since it is an impossible task to restore the entire garden in one go, the work is done in stages and for the time being 9 beautiful areas in the garden, which are "islands" in the untouched forest, have been designated and worked on.

The romantic garden style is English, created in the first half of the 18th century on the basis of the open English park landscape. It originates as a replacement of the strict French Baroque garden. The type is therefore also called both the English garden and the landscaped garden. The main rule for this type of garden that it must be a part of the surrounding nature. It should be included without borders in a larger landscape image, and the main features of the water areas must have a degree of consistency with the nature of the landscape. It is characterized by winding paths and canals, varied planting and the use of atmospheric scenery. Using memorials gives you a deeper historical perspective, and with pavilions a more poetic tone.

Christian Elling describes in his book "The Romantic Garden" from 1942 the atmosphere like this; "The romantic garden must be seen as a series of pictures and enjoyed as poetry. It must be read as a series of texts, delight the eye and employ the imagination. The garden must be beautiful nature and close to the rich and vibrant life of the people who move in it. "

The visitor to Sanderumgaard's Romantic Garden will find that time for a moment is put to a standstill and forgetting the fortunate world outside. You want to enjoy the moment, get peace of mind and through the walk in the garden to get the feeling of both poetry, spirituality and the story behind.

Latest news.

We are happy to announce that it has been possible to get a “motorway sign “ giving guests the right direction to the garden.