Potatoes of Sanderumgaard

Background History

The vast majority of Sanderumgaard's areas consist of old seabed, as Odense Fjord used to go all t3he way to Davinde. It clearly can be seen on the old maps. It is this special soil and the conditions that make the Sanderumgaard potatoes particularly unique.

The old seabed has the excellent characteristic of the right ratio of clay, silt, sand and natural minerals giving a very fine quality and the growth conditions are extremely gentle for the potato.

 In addition to the taste, the potato's appearance is also positively affected. Both skins and “meat” have a nice yellow color and are easy to handle.

It is also true that there were cultivated potatoes at Sanderumgaard all the way back in the 1790s.


Potatoes and the Romantic Garden

The potato came to Denmark in the middle of the 1700s, and we know from Johan Bülow's diaries that he growed them in the 1790s.

On this watercolor of the artist Johan Hanck you can carefully see that potatoes were put in the garden, as mentioned at the bottom left.

Like other farms, Sanderumgaard was self-sufficient. Throughout the year there were many different productions, to the extent that will surprise you today

Background History

Potatoes at Sanderumgaard today

It is clear that the potato quality is based on the good soil potency. But it alone does not!

At the same time, you must have a thorough knowledge of the individual chips and potato varieties. In addition, experience with growth conditions and ongoing testing of varieties and treatment methods.

The right potato is based on the quality, years of experience and management.

Potatoes at Sanderumgaard today