Farming and foresty

Today, Sanderumgaard is run as a modern farming industri with the total of a total of 1100 hectares. incl. leases and forests. Sanderumgaard has expanded its area by around 30% since 2000.

First, Annex House in Birkende was purchased in 2001, and 4 years after the Danefeld area at Nonnebo. Then the area in Birkende was expanded by the purchase of an agricultural property on Hvilholmsvej. In 2011, Vejrupgaard was acquired by Marslev, which previously had been part of Sanderumgaard. In 2012 Tingkærvej 138 was purchased.

The agricultural area plus leases includes approx. 900 ha. Here are grown winter wheat, barley, rapeseed, stiff leaf swirl, reddish wings and common ragweed. The composition of products is carefully planned based on the earth's performance. Primarily because of light sandy soil, Sanderumgaard has reduced soil treatment a few years ago. This cultivation form means that you do not plough after harvest. In this way, the soil's natural moisture can be maintained and better yields are achieved.

The yield is handled  in own drying facilities.