Guided tours

DURATION: approx. 2 ½ hours.

PRICE: 170 kr  / pers. incl. entrance, coffee and cake.

Guided tours are for groups and associations of min. 20 people.

We start out in “Herskabsstalden”  where Susanne or Erik Vind brings you back through the nearly 200 year history of the garden. From Johan Bülow, the founder and Master of the court of King Frederik VI. We get an insight of a young nobleman's education, career and downfall, as well as his later thoughts and ideals about the creation of the Romantic Garden of Sanderumgaard.

You will hear about Susanne and Erik Vind's great project for re-creation and re-interpretation of the old garden, and the thoughts, ideas and ideals they have had about the project. The exciting historical source material, which forms the basis for the restoration of the garden, is discussed, while a presentation with many great pictures and illustrations is being displayed.

You walk around the garden and enjoy it at your own pace. The tour ends in the rose and herb garden and there is served  coffee, tea and pie in “Herskabsstalden” or in the rose garden.

The store is open and high-quality exciting art can be purchased. porcelain, books, posters, cards, aprons, own honey, local delicacies and more.

If you want lunch during the tour, we can offer a fast lunch menu, served as a buffet:
Cold-smoked Salmon & smoke cheese with radishes, cucumbers and cress
Quiche Lorrain with pickled pearls, salvie and sea salt
Salad with chicken, avocado, sesame and basil
Long-seasoned herb bread.
Carrot muffins with cheese crème, orange and vanilla.

The lunch is made by chef Ann Charlotte Breith v. AC food.

Total price 195 kr. person + drinks
Served for a minimum of 20 people.